Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Boy Meets Girl," 8 x 16 oil

This is one of those paintings that has gone through a complete change in scenery, so to speak! I loved the photo from the moment I shot it, but debated painting it because, well, let's face it, it's cutesy. When it came down to it though, I guess I couldn't help myself.

Gracie and Billy are about five or six weeks old here. Being February babies, I had lots of beautiful snow shots of the two of them. In March, however, we got a thaw, and in the reference photo, these two are of course standing in a very muddy spot! My first inclination was to make it a snow scene, but after consideration, I decided I needed to go green. Maybe that was influenced by this year's baby, a May foal who has had to deal with neither snow nor mud, lucky girl!.

Their feet were of course covered in the photo, but in order to ground them, I needed to paint their feet, even though I knew I would be more or less covering them with grass. Foal feet are hard to paint, especially out of your head!

I think I've mentioned Gracie is back home from her adventure at the track. I was reminded how tiny she was, working on this painting. Look at her now! She's probably 16-2hh and still growing. And what a lovely girl she is.

The above painting is 8 x 16 oil on Raymar cotton canvas panel.


Nancyb said...

Cutesy or not - it is lovely. Gracie is a stunner. Will you share their bloodlines with us ? I'm so curious. Thank you for the lovely site. NancyB

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Nancy! Gracie is one of the last foals by Ontario sire Cat's At Home, out of a Twining mare named Twine Flies. Her registered name is Therebutforgrace and you'll find her in pedigree query, if you care to look her up! Unfortunately Cat's At Home died a week and a half after the mare was bred.

Linda Shantz said...

Elizabeth, I think I clicked the wrong button to moderate your comment! Argh! So I'm pasting it here! Thanks! :-)

"I like cutesy :)...Gracie is looking so fine :))"

Gracie *does* enjoy the complements!