Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week Eleven: Racing the Birds!

This form of play is one I became very famliar with, ten years ago, with my own foal, Monster. Poor Monster was an 'only baby' and used to play with the birds for entertainment. Jubie's Baby Girl has taken up the same pastime!

This painting was an experiment, in that I used a very unique surface. It's paper made from stone, basically - 75% mineral powder. No trees, no water - talk about an eco-friendly art supply! Does that balance out the use of my solvent-based oils? It's called TerraSkin. Very interesting product. The paint handles very differently on this surface, needless to say! Obviously I need more practice to figure it out a little better, but I'm hoping it might be a cool way to put out some sketches. I think this one is about 6 x 8.

When I was painting this week's painting, I was thinking a lot of a painting done last December by another artist friend, Kathi Peters. Kathi did a lovely painting of a foal playing with birds...which I bought! Kathi is one of my favourite artists, and a very cool person to boot. She's been experimenting herself lately, painting in oil on copper! Definitely worth taking a look!


Kpeters said...

Linda, What a sweet surprise this morning to read your comments on your blog about my oils on copper.
Your new support sounds interesting...looking forward to seeing more works on this new paper.
And thank you so for your 'mention"!!

Linda Shantz said...

My pleasure, Kathi! You're always a source of inspiration!