Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Technology is Great...Until It Lets You Down!

Oh, woe is meeeeeeee!!!!

Okay, so I do remember the days of dialup, really I do. I didn't need a reminder, honest! Apparently not everyone agrees with me. We have had high speed for almost two years now, and while it hasn't been perfect, it's been functional. Until for some reason we thought we should try for perfect...and ended up fixing things worse! Since last Thursday I've had next to no internet access...so here I sit in a coffee pub, like the old days, when I had to come to places like these to do things like upload photos. Our connection (that's hardly accurate really) right now is actually worse than dialup.

So, what happens when you start whining about something like horrible internet? Well, Hydro throws 16,000 volts at your house and takes out your power for eight hours...and with it several battery backups, a high end laser printer (despite surge protector) and the beloved treadmill. After initially being told that Hydro would pay for these losses, they are now claiming it was an "accident" so I'm just hoping both printer and treadmill can be saved, and I won't need to buy a new version of either! I am, however, very thankful that there was no fire, because the fried backups were smoking! The strangest thing? There was no storm involved. No warning.

Not surprisingly, without any kind of reliable internet connection, I've been getting lots of painting done. I've been improvising on the working out thing, going into the gym or torturing the rickety old stairclimber (maybe I'll get on the squeaky spin bike tomorrow!).

Soon I'll be heading back home, going dark again...though after Saturday night's power out, that's not literal! This is, however, a heads up that it's unlikely I'll be posting a filly painting tomorrow. Hope you'll forgive me, and I'll get it to you as soon as I have the means! Till then!


Miccosukee said...

Hate what happened to you and your techno gadgets. I would be lost without my Internet as I can't go that many places any more. However, when the smoke clears (no pun intended) I will be eager to see what you have been up to painting wise.


"Keep her head up and don't let her buck!"

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Trisha! It's sort of half-behaving today! :-P But I'm not putting many demands on it! ;-)