Friday, November 28, 2014

2015 Calendars Now Available!

I've done a calendar again this year, and they've just arrived!  I'm really happy with the way they've turned out.  There are a limited number in stock;  if I get enough demand I'll order more.

Images included are:  Watch And Learn, Have We Met, Widget Watch, Promises Promises, Just Peeking, Miss Me, The Plans I Have For You, Speak To Me of Fabulous Things, You Still Love Me, Fire Filly, On The Horizon, and Here, Let Me Help You With That. The calendars are printed on premium heavy stock and coil bound, and the closed size is 8.5 x 11 inches.

Price is $25.00 Canadian, shipping and taxes (where applicable) not included.  I've set shipping at $7.00 in North America.  If you're able to pick yours up let me know, and if I've failed to set the PayPal button such that you can select that option (which will probably be the case, I warn you!) I'll refund you in person.  If you're not in North America, let me know and I'll give you a price for shipping.

I can't guarantee this price if I have to order more, so best not to wait, if you want one!  If you prefer not to use PayPal, I will accept e-transfers from Canadians at

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Studio Tour Time! Version 2014!

Well, I've been remarkably bad at keeping up with the blog, and have failed to post about a couple of recent shows, but at least I'm not missing the studio tour.  The fall colours here on the Niagara Escarpment are is full swing, so it's a great time to take a drive to the country to see some artwork!  My neighbour Tina Newlove and I are a mere 500 metres apart on the same laneway, so catch both studios! It's a great place to start off the tour. 

For more information, please feel free to contact me, or visit the FASM website.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I Left My Heart In Saratoga...Why Couldn't I Have Left the Five Pounds I Gained There Too?

Well, everyone is back to their respective homes, returning to reality with I'm sure a variety of emotions. After the first two days, which were somewhat relaxing, the last two seemed to fly by much too quickly.  Saturday was busy, with Kim doing her demo at Spa Fine Art Gallery, creating two new masterpieces to leave with them.  The rest of us indulged in a decadent lunch of savory crepes at a restaurant around the corner, courtesy of a dear friend of Juliet's.  Later in the afternoon was Juliet's book signing at Saratoga Saddlery, which I joined in on, with a couple of breaks to dash down to Spa Fine Art to check on Kim's progress.  At the end of the evening everyone was pretty much exhausted, but there was ice cream to be eaten, and cider to be finished, so some of us probably stayed up later than we should have, but hey, some of us *could* sleep in...something I actually managed, of a fashion, a couple of days.
Kim's second painting

Juliet's book signing.

Then Sunday the departures began.  Sharon left early to head back to Tennessee, Juliet next for a committment at her gallery in Red Hook, NY.  The remaining four of us headed to Mrs. London's for one last pastry frenzy, and shamelessly loitered on the patio (hey, between the ones we ate and the ones we took home with us, we probably bought more than $60 worth of pastries, so we figured we were justified!). After that Jen left us, and the last three of us headed for one more visit to the track.  When we finally tore ourselves away from the track, Kim and I reluctantly said goodbye to Alecia, and started our own drive to the New York Thruway.
One last splurge at Mrs. London's.

And now we wait in hopes we'll all make it back next year, perhaps with some new additions to our little group. You coming?  :-)

If you have a moment, check out the awesome variety of work from our little group, in no particular order:

Kim Santini- acrylic;
Juliet Harrison - black and white fine art photography;
Jenifer Trottier -  drawings and paintings in various media;
Sharon Simons-Passmore - oils;
Alecia Underhill - oils.

Jen showing us some of her illustration techniques, and letting us play.

Friday, July 25, 2014

See How I've Missed You....

Relaxing in the afternoon.
Ah, Saratoga.  Usually a trip to the Spa is my only time away from the farm, the annual trek to visit with my equine artist friends and hang out in the cool town of Saratoga Springs.  Last year it wasn't meant to be, and I was fortunate enough to manage a visit to San Francisco (and down to LA for the Breeders' Cup), but it was great to be able to make it back to Saratoga this summer.  We drove through rain to get here Wednesday, but have been blessed with perfect weather since.  Often it's been very hot and humid, but this time around sunny and warm, but not uncomfortable.

So far the trip has included requisite trips to Mrs. London's, and the track.  We caught some races yesterday, and this morning we watched the horses train at the Oklahoma training track, and actually got to see Wise Dan work on the turf. Tomorrow will be a painting demo by Kim Santini, and a book signing for Juliet Harrison's Track Life book. 

I don't have any art showing anywhere this year, though I brought a few pieces that will travel on to the Equis Art Gallery in Red Hook, NY. Maybe one year we will have a show at the Spa again!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Time For A Show

A few weeks ago I was asked if I'd like to take part in a local show with some fellow FASM members.  Well, that show is this weekend, and yes I'm going to have work there.  It's being held at Crawford's Garden Centre in Milton, and 10% of all sales are going to the Milton District Hospital Foundation. Milton has grown so much in recent years, it's sorely in need of expansion.  Hopefully our little group will be able to help out with lots of sales this weekend!

I'll be hanging a number of pieces at very special prices in order to encourage local sales, so if you're in the neighbourhood, I hope you'll stop by!  There will also be prints and notecards available. The show runs from 9am-9pm Saturday July 5th and 10am-5pm Sunday July 6th.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

"Widget Watch" - 16 x 16 oil on canvas.
June flew by.  We were blessed with some long-awaited summer weather, and I don't think anyone dared complain about the particularly humid days. I think I managed to paint all but three days, and I'm okay with that, though I wish I'd accomplished more.  It's always a challenge, juggling horses at home, plus trying to keep Gracie in regular work, and so on.  Hopefully I'll carry on the momentum for July, but thanks to a less-than-friendly summer cold catching up with me, I'll be taking the day off today!  Not for Canada Day celebrations....just to lay low!  Of course, the horses still had to be done, and the blacksmith was out to trim a couple and reset a couple...."day off" is relative!

I did a few little sketchy/study type pieces this month, but most of my work was focused on finishing the widget painting, and an oil of Leo and Briggi playing kissy-face.  I did complete the widgets;  progress on Leo and Briggi has been very slow, but I'm getting there.  I was hoping to enter it in a particular competition, but I'm not sure I'll have it done in time.  Such is life! You can see where I was at the beginning of the month ...and where I ended up last night (below).

Underpainting complete, starting to throw in some colour.

Leo nearly done...still a ways to go to complete the work.

Who knows, maybe I'll blog a bit more consistently in July as well.  Oh, on a somewhat related tangent....yesterday I sent out an email to my mailing list in concordance with the new Canadian Anti-Spam regulations.  If you didn't receive it, or would like to be part of my mailing list (don't worry, I send out emails less frequently than I write blog posts!  Ha!), let me know.  You can email me with your address, or use the link in the left hand column of the blog, or click here! Now, if only this new regulation would stop the spew of spam I get every day!

July's going to be another busy month - next Sunday is the Queen's Plate, and later this month, I do believe I'm actually going to get to Saratoga.  It's going to be great - have to make up for missing last year!
Various little sketch/studies on panel.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal...

My first daily painting, an 8 x 10 oil on panel of Twine.

...or so the saying goes. Never is that more true than in breeding horses.  Look at California Chrome - by nothing out of nothing, as another saying goes, and he came two lengths shy of winning the American Triple Crown.

If you've been following this blog, you'll know that the last of the broodmares, Jubie (now Rae) went on to a new career this spring.  Last October I sent Twine to a new home, where she was to be part of a Paint horse breeding program. A year ago (June 16, to be exact) we lost Viv to colic.  So this spring has been a little melancholy; the end of an era, so to speak.

Firstborn, Gracie! 2008
Then not long after Jubie went to her new home, I ended up taking Twine back – the new situation just wasn't agreeing with her. She wasn't in terrible shape or anything, just not her usual robust self.  I started taking care of all the things to get her right again - deworming, teeth floating, getting her back on my feed program.  I figured when she'd settled in again, I'd put the tack on her and see about turning her into a riding horse. I took her back of my own accord, not expecting my client to re-assume ownership, as she was going through some tough times with the loss of her husband (the other half of my much-appreciated husband-wife client team).  I did mention it to her (well, when she came to visit, I had to explain Twine's presence), and then I was very appreciative when she said she would resume the monetary side of Twine's care.  If you haven't heard me say it before, I have an amazing client.  :-) I was surprised when shortly after she asked, "Should we breed her?"

Always a good mother - Zippy, 2012 baby.

Long story short, that ended up happening.  She was in poor shape reproductively, but thanks to my awesome vet, and a couple of sessions with my Equi-Bow practitioner, Twine overcame her issues and caught on the first cover.  I think both the vet and I were surprised, but hey, we'll take it.  So far she's had successful 15day (confirmed in foal), 30 day (heartbeat!) and 48 day checks (vet is predicting a filly).  Next one is at 150 days.  Still a long way to go, but hey, so far so good, and, God willing, next spring in late March or early April, we'll have an unplanned-planned baby bouncing around.

One last hurrah?  2018 Oaks winner, anyone?  :-)  Dream big, or go home, right?