Thursday, April 08, 2010

What's The Formula?

The thing about my daily painting stint is, there are a lot of variables. I had a fellow artist ask me the other day which surface I preferred to paint on. On that particular day I said masonite (a.k.a. panel or board). Then today I was painting on Raymar canvas panel - which a week ago had lost favour with me - and at the moment it's my absolute favourite ground, because today's painting just fell off the brushes. I'm fickle, am I not? But do you think tomorrow I'll be able to recreate today's success? Doubtful!

I realize such things are probably in the artist's mind - I stated in response to a comment on the Thirty Horses blog that we artists are our own worst enemies, something that is not a newsflash! Some of us probably learn to deal with criticism because we know we're harder on ourselves than anyone. And I'm not sure it's wrong to be that way, as an artist. If we were always satisfied with our work, we wouldn't bother to try to improve, would we? With every painting we hope we get closer to where we want to be as an artist, and maybe every tenth painting, I know I might feel as if I've actually achieved a tiny step in the right direction. Tonight is one of those times. I'll enjoy that feeling while it lasts, because inevitably it doesn't last long!

You can see how the above painting turned out on the Thirty Horses, Thirty Days blog.


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

And so say all off!

It's a wee pearl by the way :)) I think this is now my favourite...fickle or what lol

Linda Shantz said...

It's my favourite so far, too - you know, until it's replaced by the next one! (She says hopefully!)

Dee Dee said...

I just love this little guy! Looks so natural...and you have some very wise words there. :)