Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's A Dog Show! I Mean, a Dog Art Show!

I just realized I'd forgotten to announce the Canine Art Guild's latest online show. The CAG is celebrating it's fifth anniversary this year, and I'm proud to be a member. Oops - that reminds me, I also need to send in this year's dues!

All of the paintings are 5 x 5 inches, and there is voting for the People's Choice Award. Have a look through all of the great artwork there, and make sure you pick your favourite! I'm having a hard time deciding, myself - and no, I'm not going to pick my own work!

My contribution to the show is an oil on masonite of my Border Collie, Swish. I adopted Swish through Border Collie Rescue Ontario right about the time Kim Santini and I started throwing around the idea of the CAG. Time sure does fly - I was thinking Swish was five years old, but she was a year and a half when I got her, so she's six! In true Border Collie fashion, however, she doesn't act it! Forever young, it seems - gotta love those BCs.

Don't forget, the April Thirty Horses, Thirty Days is ongoing on its own blog. The first paintings are dry, so I'm going to be adding selling prices to them. Those prices are a limited time sort of thing, because once I start framing them for shows, the price has to go up, no way around that!

Better get going on today's painting!

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