Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walk Softly and Drive a Big Truck

He's baaaaack....(Rupert)

Well...I've had some unexpected excitement of late. Sunday morning I went out to the barn, fed and turned out the horses, did a couple of stalls. I came in to have something to eat, and there was a phone message. Checked it...worried when it was the police...who as it turned out were calling to say they had my purse, which had been turned in anonymously. Whaaaat? I was more than a little baffled. My purse was in my truck. I know, because I'd forgotten to bring it in after going to get loads of hay and straw. So I go outside, thinking there must be some mistake, and discover that my truck is gone! Someone has stolen my truck! How does that happen? And more importantly, how did I miss that, walking out to the barn and back? Apparently I really am half asleep in the morning.

Needless to say, that development caused a bit of turmoil. Talked to the police, talked to the insurance company, talked to a rental place. Discovered renting a truck that has the capacity to haul is not and easy thing! Two days into the ordeal, I have a rental pickup. I have a feeling I'm never going to see my own truck again, but the insurance company has to wait 10 days before they're allowed to settle. That's actually not as long as I'd expected, but still...a bit of a drag. What do I do? I guess I have to anticipate getting a new truck...a lot sooner than I thought I'd have to do that again.

Painting? What is that? And riding? Same thing. I hope to be able to get on Monster tomorrow night after the insurance adjuster comes out, because I have to ride her at least once before our lesson on Friday! And I need to settle my head enough to get back painting. A little knocked off my game! Fortunately, my only Christmas commission is on its way to Ireland. I do have another painting I'd really like to deliver before Christmas, and I'm hoping that's still possible. Enough with the bumps along the road!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

There are some sneaky B******s going about....what a horrible sick feeling that must have been. Hope things get sorted out soon. You never said but I'm guessing you had your bank/credit cards e.t.c. changed. Hope things get better quickly for you.

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I did start calling the bank and credit card companies as soon as I'd called the insurance company. The only thing left in the purse was my racetrack license! Oh well...I've had quite enough drama for one year, I think.

Judy Wood said...

Sorry about your troubles, but I had to chuckle a bit. And we artists are supposed to be observant!! I could see myself doing the same thing.

Linda Shantz said...

Yeah I know, Judy! Can you say, "oblivious?" Pretty sad! I would obviously not be a good crime witness. Mind you, I'll pick something very slightly off in one of the horses or dogs right off...I guess it's selective!

Joan said...

Ahhhhhh !! Linda...so sorry to hear of all this frustration for you.
That must have been surreal to realize finally that the truck was gone.... good luck with all the red tape to come....
on a lighter note...Merry Christmas!