Thursday, December 03, 2009

Chestnut Filly Showdown

As the paintings I'm working on at the moment are all commissions, all you're going to get for now are photos. But really cute photos! At least I think so!

Yesterday was noteworthy, in my opinion. For the first time, I put Gracie and Peaker together. Peaker is Clever's "first born" - a chestnut filly (now two). Gracie is Twine's "first born" - another chestnut filly! Gracie is a yearling now. They both have very gregarious personalities, and have from day one. And well, perhaps it's been a little indulged by me. There is a stigma in the horse world attached to chestnut fillies, but that's not going to hold either of these girls back!

After the first few minutes of silliness - inevitable when introducing horses to each other - the girls were fast friends. They are far too cute. Not that I'm biased or anything!

A new arrival on Tuesday was Sunny, a Paint gelding that has been employed as pony at the track. He gets the winter off too, though his new job will be as babysitter for the two weanling boys. He'll have help soon though - because Rupert (aka Medz) is coming back once the season is done. I expect the two elder chestnuts will keep the youngsters in line!

"What have I gotten myself into?" ~ Sunny


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Nope not biased....definately cute :)

Kristen H said...

oh little chestnut fillies, go out there and prove everyone wrong!