Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm feeling a little in limbo at the moment. There's been no sign of my truck, and tomorrow will mark day ten, post-theft, and the time at which the insurance company will settle. Then the real fun begins - trying to find a new truck before the insurance money for my rental runs out! I might be a little grumpy when it comes to Christmas this year, because it's probably going to mean I'll end up paying for the rental out of my own pocket - you know, adding insult to injury, as they say!

In spite of this, there has been baking - thanks largely to the annual bake-off with my friends, where for once I was the slacker as they stormed the kitchen! And today I finally sent some Christmas cards, and this morning made up my e-card. You might remember these boys - Rupert (Medz) on the right, Pip (Mute) on the left. Rupert is here again for the winter, while Pip has been retired and has a new home. This year Rupert will be on his own to teach the young boys the way in which they should go!

Adding to my troubles, it seems Monster has slipped on the ice and caused herself some pain, so I'm not riding her at the moment. She'll get a couple of weeks off, some massage therapy and stretches, and we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I guess I'll keep painting! Soon I'll be able to show some of what's been going on.

Merry Christmas!

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