Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wonders Never Cease

Busy days are the norm around here, and on top of the usual, I was determined to get on Miss Monster today. Much to my amazement, she was great! I don't know what it was...maybe I should have taken her temperature! She was very sweet as I was tacking her up - Monster and sweet aren't generally words that ever make it in the same sentence! Not taking anything for granted, I longed her first...other than a few canter strides, she was a star. I expected her to have something up her sleeve when I got on her...but this good mood of hers continued! I didn't do a whole lot with her, lest I push it...and well, I admit I'm more than a little out of shape. Now, I just have to carry on. It'll be good for both of us! Sorry, no pics - I haven't managed to teach any of the other horses how to work the camera!

Last night I finished the painting of Sealy Hill, and I need to get it framed for this weekend's exhibit at the CTHS Yearling Sales. I've been printing some giclées, and now I need to see how far I can get on that painting of Bear Now. I'm not sure I can do anything about that tonight - I'm running out of hours!

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