Sunday, August 30, 2009


I decided to take a little break from the Sealy Hill painting this morning, to try and jumpstart another one of the WIPs that has been languishing around here. This is 18 x 14 oil on Raphael linen panel, and it has been stalled in the underpainting stage for a few months now! You can see where I left it, at the end of this post back in May.

I dove right into the colour today, rather than refine the underpainting any further. Everything is just very loose and quick at this point - I just wanted to establish some of the colour. I stopped here, because it needs to dry before I do anything more or I'm going to start smearing paint all over! So far I've managed to limit that just to my hands! Next step will be to adjust some of the background values a bit, and then cover up the rest of the underpainting - the rider and the tack. The horse, once again, is Bear Now, last year's champion older filly in Canada.

Now I can go back to Sealy Hill feeling a bit fresh - because it's at the nit-picky stage, I needed this little breather!

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