Monday, September 07, 2009

Shop Canadian!

Today was my third day in at Woodbine's Sales Pavilion. I have lots of room in the lobby - and my own TV monitor to watch the races. What more could I ask for? The strange thing is I haven't managed to get out to walk around the barns and see any horses! I started out today, camera in hand....but got waylaid at Fincham's Harness and Bit by Bit Custom. It was still a productive visit - Bit by Bit is able to replace the zipper in my impact vest, and I finally bought a new helmet at Fincham's...a new helmet for which Bit by Bit will be able to make a nice new helmet cover! At least when I do manage to get back riding regularly, my safety apparel will be in impeccable shape.

I started a new painting yesterday at the sale, and got a fair bit accomplished. This is just 8 x 10, oil on Signature's linen panel. I bought two of these panels to try them about about a year ago and this one is just reaffirming my intial reaction - I looooooove them. They're more expensive than Raphael, but with the concerns I had with my most recent Raphael purchase, I think I'm going to make the switch. An added bonus is Signature Canvas is a wonderful company with which to deal.

The painting is of the finish of last year's Queen's Plate - that's Not Bourbon out-bobbing Ginger Brew. I don't have the most recent update on this painting, as I didn't take a photo of today's work, but I'll show how it progressed yesterday.

Now, much to my surprise, I feel compelled to paint, and far be it from me to ignore that compulsion! Off to the easel!

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