Friday, August 28, 2009

The Fun Stuff

There's no time to waste these days, with the next event close on the heels of last night's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I was mistaken about how my painting would be auctioned - it was actually part of the live auction. The painting fetched $3500.00 - pretty exciting. If you'd like to read about the induction ceremony, you can go to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame website. It's always great to see these paintings do well at fundraisers. Only Dubai in 2007 topped this one for me.

I neglected to thank a very important individual the other day when I posted the final painting. I'm always saying a painting is only as good as the reference photos, and in the case of Somebeachsomewhere, I had none of my own to work from. Thanks to a series of great photos taken by Kim Fisher of TROT Magazine, I had no shortage of great images to work with.

Next on the agenda is preparation for an exhibit at the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society's annual yearling sale at Woodbine. I'll have some work set up starting the same time the horses start showing - September 5th. As a result I'm hard at work trying to finish up a few of the paintings I've got around here. One of the notables is this 18 x 24 oil on panel of Sealy Hill, Canada's 2007 Horse of the Year. I'm into the fun stuff now - the warm colours and details that will bring things to life. I love the transformation that happens with this stage. Still a ways to go yet, but for some reason things go a bit faster at this point! Hmm, wonder why...

Time to get back at it!


Laura Barber-Riley said...

Wow the auction sounds very exciting! Beautiful work!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Glad the painting did so well it was beautiful....this one is looking good as well :)