Thursday, June 11, 2009

Racehorse 101

I didn't make it to the races this past Sunday to see the Canadian Oaks - sorry, the Woodbine Oaks, as it's now known - but from this big filly race, a couple of new Queen's Plate contenders have emerged. Unlike the Derby, it's not unusual for a filly to run in the Plate. Even back in the days when the Oaks was a mere week before the Plate, fillies would run in both, and on more than one occasion, they beat the boys. But hey, girls don't take a back seat to the guys at Woodbine, ever!

Today's painting on my little 30 day journey is a two-year-old. It's a year with a lot of question marks - not all two-year olds make it to the races, but it's good when they at least get to spend some time at the track, and learn what it's about. Some of you might recognize today's "model" from photos I posted a few weeks ago. This is our little Peaker - not so little anymore! Miss Peaks spent the winter in Florida, lucky girl, and came back to Woodbine with the rest of the horses in the spring. She's coming home tomorrow, though, for a rest. It might be interesting to see who is more spoiled, her or Gracie! Remember, chestnut fillies rule! At least in this barn.

This painting is 5 x 7 oil on panel and I intentionally stopped before I really wanted to, because I was starting to get more blending than I wanted. I see lots wrong with it, but I also see a lot I like. One day it will all come together! Hopefully one day before I die!!

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Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Hopefully you won't be leaving us anytime soon lol. I like it lots of grit and determination in it...and not just from the model. Red heads definately rule here as well....although it's a 28 inch puff off wind thats the boss in our yard lol