Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming Up Short

Well, it didn't quite happen today. I didn't quite get today's painting finished, because the mare and foal that have been away for a couple of days returned tonight, and the foal is a little under the weather. I know it's just 9:40pm, but suffice to say my head isn't quite there!

Technically this wasn't a daily painting anyway. This was one I started a couple of weeks ago when I was still waiting for my oils to get back from SK. I didn't do much - I was trying to see if I could do something remotely close to what Val Hinz does (hahahaha...right!). I'll show you what I did in that session. I was pleased with the progress today, just trying to keep it simple, loose, with lots of colour. It was headed in the right direction, at least! The 'stretch run' will have to wait!

The details: 8 x 10 oil on panel; purple underpainting (if I can call it that!) in acrylic.

Just an interesting, albeit useless, fact about this scene, and my reference photo. The horse on the right is the same chestnut Kim Santini and I painted for our Preakness pARTy. I laughed when I realised that. Of course Juliet Harrison took our pARTy photo. This was a shot I took of the race at Saratoga, as the horses entered the straightaway.

My apologies again. Off to the barn to check on the kid.

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