Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's A Matter of Opinion

Well, today it was back to more familiar territory - working with a reference photo! The photo in question was taken by Judy Wood, who responded admirably to my comments about wanting to do a series of "horses being bad" paintings, inspired by one of my own Monster in my first Thirty Days project. This is one of the youngsters at the farm at which Judy boards her own horse, and she captured a little disagreement between youngster and trainer during a long-lining session. And just so you know, this is *not* a Thoroughbred! Yes, that's right, Warmbloods have such moments! I thought it was a fun contrast to the quiet scene of the other day. As I said, most of the time, things proceed without drama...but every now and then one will feel the need to express his or her own opinion!

This painting is 8 x 10 oil on panel and I tried to work very loosely and quick and not think too much. The pressure helped - I had time to rough out the drawing on the board this morning, then had to go to a much-needed chiropractic appointment, picked up a few groceries (and absolutely *no* chocolate, I'll have you know!) and then spent rest of the afternoon doing stalls. All that meant I didn't get to the easel until after supper. True, it's only 9pm, but, while this isn't perfect, I wanted to preserve the freshness - what I've done probably took two hours, all told. It was a bit of a relief after the sweat that went into Monday's painting.

Don't worry, this horse did get things sorted out and agreeably carries a rider now. As the owner of a bay horse with a fair bit of attitude, I did enjoy the opportunity to paint someone else's horse 'being bad!' Believe it or not, Monster was very easy to start under saddle, and we didn't have any discussions like this. She was a star pupil - the fun began when she decided she knew what was going on!

See you tomorrow!

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