Wednesday, June 03, 2009

...And Hope For The Best

That's the last part of that saying I mentioned the other day - breed the best to the best. It's a relief when you make it this far - foal safely on the ground, already struggling towards mom's head, and mom nickering softly to her new baby. Hey, only three and a half years to Plate Day!

I used a couple of photos to put together this painting. I've always wanted to do a just-foaled painting, and last year was fortunate enough to have a friend take some photos when I was foaling the mares. This is Twine, and Gracie when she was just minutes old.

After yesterday's's painting went about the same way! I was happy with how I was able to map out the drawing fairly quickly (and I did draw today, lines instead of shapes). Then I started, again with the new palette...and it just wasn't happening! I did deviate a bit to get the colour I wanted, and finally admitted the whole wet on wet thing just wasn't happening the way it should. This is 8 x 10 oil on panel, and I did feel like I was fighting the surface a lot, the paint just not staying put. Oh well. Just like surviving breeding season and eleven months of equine gestation....some days it's about the small victories!

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pencilportraits said...

Beautiful painting Linda, you've captured the moment perfectly