Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Some Days Nothing Comes Together

Today's painting started off really well - what I was trying to do was pretty ambitious, so I was happy when the first step came together so well. Instead of drawing the horse (meaning creating an outline, more or less) I massed in the shape on the panel. It wasn't perfect, but it was far better, far sooner, than I expected. After that, it was one big fight! I didn't really have a plan beyond establishing the horse's shape (duh!!), so I was left wondering what I would do for the background. Would I make it loose and nondescript, or try and set the horse in a traditional landscape? Ultimately I went with a loose, simple landscape.

Getting back to my June theme, following yesterday's broodmare, I have painted a Thoroughbred stallion. Now, it's no coincidence that I decided to do the horse that sired the last maiden to win the Queen's Plate. This is also my own Monster's dad, and I took the reference photo I worked from in 1998, so he's a fair bit younger here than he is today! I had to sort of wing it with his head, because he was playing with the chain as I was taking the photos!

His name is Tejabo, and he's a son of Deputy Minister. TJ didn't win the Plate himself, but he sired 2002 winner TJ's Lucky Moon. I remember that day very well. It was unbearably hot and humid, and as a result we watched the race up in Champions at Woodbine. Folks around us asked me who I liked, and as the owner of a two-year old Tejabo filly, I naturally said TJ's Lucky Moon...who was no less than 50-1. When he won, they all looked at me like I must've known something nobody else did! Of course I hadn't bet a penny!

The painting is 11 x 14 oil on Fredrix linen panel. Palette started off with yesterday's colours, and ended with the one I learned in last week's workshop!

After such a great start, I was frustrated it took me so long to do this one! The rest of my day didn't go so well, so no doubt that played a big role. On a positive note, my paints caught up with me today! I discovered I really missed my palette knife, which I'd packed with the paints, silly me. That was even harder to be without than my favourite colours!

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Kathleen said...

Great series - I am really enjoying seeing these paintings and learning about the great horses.