Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finishing One Painting and Starting Another

With Toula and baby well on their way, today I was ready to dive into my next new painting. Yes, I know I still have a few works in progress around, but as I've mentioned before, I like to have a number of paintings on the go, and starting a new one is always a great boost. I had several comments in favour of painting the photo of Bear Now warming up to work on the training track at Woodbine, and despite probably being the most challenging of the references I posted, I decided to start on it next. This one is on 18 x 14 Raphael linen panel, which I've toned with Burnt Sienna. So far I've just worked on the first layer of straight Burnt Umber, establishing tones. I'm probably going to take this umber layer further than I normally do to keep things headed in the right direction!

Last night I put the finishing touches on another painting, signed it and called it done. I'm sure you remember the two boys, Medz and Mute - not that any of us really want to see snow again! This one is 11 x 14 oil on Fredrix linen panel. My title for it is kind of long so may be the last thing that needs some tweaking: "Here, Let Me Help You With That!" I miss the boys! So does Billy, I think!

Well, the best part about working solely in Burnt Umber is cleanup is easy - better go take care of those brushes.

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