Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Progress, As Promised

I should probably put a warning on this post - I'm not quite in foal watch mode, just starting to disrupt my sleep patterns again, so I'm kind of tired, and possibly not making complete sense! If I run off on a tangent, feel free to ignore!

This is where I stopped on the painting on Toula and her baby last night. While I'm happy with the progress, I need to put it aside for a few days now, because the next session should finish it...or could completely ruin it, if I'm not careful! I have to paint in the white markings, of course, but the most important thing will be the final details and highlights. I've noticed an adjustment I need to make as well, which might get some attention during the 'rest' period in order to build up a bit of paint where I make the fix.

I'm not sure what I'll work on tonight - I may bypass work altogether, because I'm going to have the time during the day tomorrow to get some painting done. Maybe this evening I'll just clean up my palette so it's all ready to go tomorrow, so I can't use that excuse to deter me!

Just had to add another photo. This is something you don't see too often - both Monster (on the right) and Gladys down for a nap! Right before I snapped this, Gladys was flat out. Lest I think either of them was sick, about two minutes after this both were up and launched a grand romp, racing through the mud, bucking, rearing...where was I with the camera for that? I know. If I'd had my 40D I would have been snapping away, but the little Nikon D80 can't keep up with these girls in crazy horse mode!

Okay...I mostly stayed on topic! Before I lapse into any ramblings...I'll bring this to a close!


Adventures With Big Filly said...

Linda this is looking really good!

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Lise - it's getting there!