Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

This newly established statutory holiday actually did end up meaning a partial day off for me, thanks to my friend Jen who usually comes out one day on the weekend to help me with stalls. She got to meet the new colt, who is very friendly and loves visitors just like big sister Gracie. I try to let Gracie know that she's in no way been forgotten with this new arrival getting all the attention...not that Gracie would allow herself to be forgotten! A year ago Saturday was the day she was born, and Billy, a year ago Sunday. It's hard to believe they were ever as small as this little guy. Well, actually...I don't think Billy ever was, at least not on this side of his mother!

I took advantage of that little bit of extra time today and got loads of hay and straw, and then paid a visit to that nearby farm managed by friends of mine. They still have close to 20 mares left to foal. I took some photos – this is how new February foals are *supposed* to look, nice and fuzzy! Our little guy here looks like he forgot to pack appropriate apparel!

I'm working away at this same painting, gradually building up the detail on the underpainting. I'm sorry I don' t have a better photo of it. With all these foal pics I'm itching to start a baby painting, though I'm trying to push on with this one. For now, I'm just printing out potential reference photos and pondering!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

He is so adorable....and what a cheeky face :)

delia said...

absolutely darling foals!