Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've Got You To Thank...

Okay, so that's part of another Ben Folds song. Sometimes I think the words 'thank you' are two of the most underused words in the English language. Let's face it, it takes two seconds to say them or type them and express appreciation. When I worked at the track, the trainer I worked for was good at always saying thanks, despite moments that earned him the nickname "Freddy Krueger" behind his back. :-) Because I appreciated that so much, I know I've always felt it important to do the same, if someone helps me out, or does something nice.

Why am I rambling about this? I've been given another blog award, courtesy of April Jarocka - again I'm a bit late in sharing that! As I did one recently, I'm not going to do another 7 favourite things at the moment, though I must applaud the creativity of Sheona Hamilton-Grant for her response to her latest award. She's done a pictoral of her favourite things. Have a look! In the meantime, I still haven't 'shared the love' and notified the recipients of my last award (from Sheona, if you recall) so I really need to do that! Anyway, thank-you, April! Please be sure to visit April's painting blog, as well as Ugly Rabbit, her illustration blog.

Here on the farm, I've just sent off the two chestnut boys - back to work for them. They both have such personality, their absence will be felt! The new colt continues to do well, though he's less than impressed with that chilly day out there today. The snow was interesting for him - rare that a February foal is born when there is none of the white stuff on the ground, but that's the way it was.

All right. Now that the somewhat insane horsey part of my day is taken care of, time to make a cappuccino and think about this work in progress so maybe I'll have a painting to talk about next time!

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PurpleCrystalEquineJewelry said...

Hi there I love your artwork. We love to attend the International GoldCup Races at The Plains, VA. One of your paintings remind me of the races.

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