Monday, December 15, 2008

Skating WIthout A Rink

Usually it's January or February when we get this kind of weather, but as we seem to have had an unusual amount of snow to date this winter, I guess we've been set up for it a bit early. My laneway is about half a mile (or 0.6km for those who get metric) and if we get rain after it's been ploughed a couple of times, it quickly turns to ice. Walking to the barn usually means going cross country, over the lawn, seeking the patches where gravel shows through in order to get some traction! Of course, as soon as one gets to the road, everything is fine. I have to go out to a chiropractic appointment this AM and after feeding the horses - and leaving them in because it's just miserable out - I thought about calling to reschedule, because getting out will be an adventure. Then I remembered how silly that sounds to someone sitting in Burlington, where the chiro is - and where the grass is still green. You'd think I live in the mountains or something. Well, this is the Niagara Escarpment!

I started back working on one of those paintings I've been talking about - this one in particular last appeared here with the first layer of colour down on the background over the underpainting. After doing all those daily paintings, it was as if I'd temporarily forgotten how to work with an underpainting! It started to click again, and I got back into enjoying the process. This one is a lot of fun because the horses have such great expressions - and even more so because both horses are such 'friends' of mine. The photo above has a bit of a hot spot from the light on my easel, but I thought I would post anyway. Below is the painting as it looks right now, reminding me to get back to work! This thin layer on the horses that is in place now is probably already dry, and I should put some work back into it soon after giving myself a day off of sorts yesterday! where is the number of that sander? Rain, rain, go away...

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