Tuesday, December 09, 2008

December News: Snow, Rain and Pleasant Surprises

It's a rainy afternoon here in Campbellville - it started mid-day, after some nice fluffy snow all night. So much for that extra layer of the white stuff! Not very festive, to say the least. The horses are in early and thought I should feed them early as well - sorry kids, you'll have to wait! I did, however, take a few photos this morning when the big flakes were falling. Very picturesque, and hard to catch with a camera!

Yesterday I received some exciting news - one of my paintings was juried into the Ex Arte Equinus II show. This is a fairly new and innovative show developed by Lyne Raffe of Art Horse Magazine. Please be sure to view the phenomenal work, which you can see here. It is quite an honour to be included. In addition to the online gallery, the selected entries will be featured in a limited edition book to be released in January. Stay tuned for details! Oh, almost forgot - the painting that was chosen was one that you saw develop right here on this blog, starting with my posting the photo when I was contemplating working from it. The piece is "Outside Chance" and it is a 14 x 18 oil on canvas (still available, if anyone is interested!).

On the sidelines...the painting continues! I am working on a Christmas portrait that you'll have to wait to see, and then it will be back to the other works in progress that have been on hold. I also need to start my Art Show at the Dog Show entries if I'm going to have anything ready this time around! Of course I'm told they're accepting digital entries for the first time this year - great news for procrastinators everywhere!


Heather Page said...

Congratulations Linda! I saw your painting after following a link on Lene Daugard's blog. It's beautiful!

Did you have to submit your painting for this contest? I'd like to enter some contests myself, but don't know where to look!

Heather Page said...
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Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Heather - I think I've seen your work on Facebook!

This contest allows you to submit three entries. This one I heard about because I'm a member of the Equine Art Guild. There is also a Canine Art Guild. We share a lot of info so that's usually where I hear about stuff!

Heather Page said...

Thanks for the info! I'll look into the guilds.