Friday, December 19, 2008

"Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful..."

We're getting our first winter storm of the season today. We've had snow, of course, but this is the real thing, the kind of day you're grateful you don't have to go anywhere. The two broodmares were ready to come in by 10am, but the others had to wait until I was done the rest of the stalls, and they wear blankets so they weren't looking quite as put out! By the time I brought them in, it was truly nasty out. The wind is very cold, and coming from the "wrong" direction. I have no doubt that frostbite would be a risk. Anyway, everyone is snug in their stalls now...and I was quite happy to come in myself! The birds amaze me though - they're still out there! I don't know how they can stay on the feeders with that wind!

I don't know if we'll see the local paper today, but there is an article in there about my participation in the Mural Mosaic. The Milton Canadian Champion is so good about representing the arts in this area, and Stephanie Hounsell did a wonderful job of pulling together the story. I actually saw it first on Jen's Thorough-blog. I've always joked to my friends in the racing world that you know you've made it, when you make the Thorough-blog! Guess today was my day!

I started a new painting last night, so I'll probably do a little more work on it a bit later. I've had the sketch for this in my sketchbook for years. I'm hoping I can pull it off. You'll hear more about it as I go! For now, I think some baking is in order! Though I do kind of like Finn's plan!

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