Sunday, December 21, 2008

In Between Snowflakes

The sun came out yesterday, when the snow finally decided to take a break. The horses were all happy to get out and enjoy the fresh covering of white stuff, though Gladys seemed to have the most fun! It was cold, and it seemed to take forever to get the stalls done - as soon as my hands finally warmed up, my feet started to freeze! We were prepared for another storm today, but so far it hasn't been too bad. A few more inches overnight, but it seems to have let up, for the time being!

I'm slowly building my new painting, and have a very rough tonal completed at this point. I may get some work done on it today - all I'll be doing is refining it a bit, so that I have a more established underpainting. The colour of the end product will be quite subtle, and I'm planning to just use the limited palette that served me so well with all those November paintings!

Well, I have a load of hay to unload, so I'd better get back out there! Till next time!

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