Thursday, November 27, 2008

Taking Chances...or, "Because You Can!"

That's probably something only folks and Ontario will get - it's the tag line for an advertising campaign for the Super 7 Lottery. On the one hand I guess it works to some extent, because that line sticks in my head, well, kind of like this cold right now, but on the other, it hasn't enticed me to start buying Super 7 tickets!

Now to get back to where I was going with that! I had plenty of time to paint tonight, even though I didn't start until after 6pm. After all, it's not even 9pm as I write this. As I worked through drawing this one on the panel however, I was liking the looseness, and started hitting the point quite early where the little voice was saying, "Stop...okay, stop!!" Trust me, when you start hearing voices when you're painting it's best to listen! (And no, I'm *not* taking any medication for this cold!) So this is where I actually stopped, though you may have no idea how hard that was (and perhaps be questioning why??).

Anyway...this is Kimchi, a daughter of Langfuhr, in the paddock before winning the 2006 Labatt Woodbine Oaks (which I still tend to call the Canadian Oaks) . Langfuhr sure stamps his offspring - I'm not sure one would guess this was a filly just by looking at this shot.

The details - 7 x 5 oil on Raymar triple-primed cotton canvas, limited palette. I'm always curious to hear what people think of some of these paintings, so please feel free to comment! Yea or...(forgive me)....neigh? :-D


Karen Thumm said...

Linda, I think your little voice was right. It looks great just the way it is!

I'm very much envying your dedication to this painting a day thing, especially since they're all turning out so well!

Please let us know what you think you've gained from doing them. I'm very anxious to hear (or read) that!

sporthorseartwork said...

I think these are some of the nicest works you have done so far Linda, you can see your growth.

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Karen, Jenn. Now I have to sit back and figure out what to do with it!

Linda Shantz said...

I hit the wrong link and mistakenly rejected Kimberly Santini's comment of this morning, so I'm going to add it. Apparently my schedule is catching up with my moderation skills!

And thanks, Kim, for the comments!

"Linda, I'm in LOVE with the brushwork here!! it's hard knowing when to stop - you figured it out here, though!! nice job!!"

Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

Hey - I came back here to make sure that your blog had my praises for this piece! It's a nice one - daily work isn't so bad, is it?! You've proven that you can do it - and I know you'll keep the momentum, even if you don't make it behind the easel every day!!

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Kim!! I'm actually thinking of doing something again in January! Though maybe just a Monday to Friday gig, haha. Haven't had one of those in a while!