Friday, November 28, 2008

Me and a Box of Kleenex

Last night when I went to bed, I fully expected to wake up this morning feeling *better*. I thought the cold was on its way out. Apparently not - I felt worse. I coped by having ice cream for breakfast - seriously, if someone is going to buy candy cane ice cream and put it in the downstairs freezer (which is right outside my studio) it's fair game! Stalls got done a bit late, but they did get done. We had a mini-snowstorm mid-afternoon but it quickly passed over leaving little behind in the way of accumulation.

As a result of a stuffed head and bursts of sneezing, I wasn't quite at my best at the easel! Of course for some reason I decided to do something fairly complex, which is probably a good indication I'm not thinking all that clearly. This is, more or less, my New Jersey friend's equivalent of my own Miss Monster - the homebred daughter of her "foundation" mare and, and now, the daughter's first foal. Let's not let Monster see this, because then I would have to explain to her that I'm *not* letting her have a baby!

This is 7 x 5 oil on Raymar again, limited palette. I guess I will find out if Sher is watching or not! I'd like to take a vote, please - since I technically did *two* horses today, does that mean I get tomorrow off? :-D Pleaaaasssse? Or does it not count because it's only half as good?

Anyway...see you tomorrow, one way or another!


April Jarocka said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well Linda. That flavour of ice-cream sounds interesting. Now your deadline is almost met you can have a break and finish off the tub! You deserve it!!
All the best

Linda Shantz said...

Haha - thanks April! Actually my next project will be "a workout a day for 30 days I think!