Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pushing it

I think this was the latest in the day yet that I've started my painting - it was after 8pm when I started laying out the paint! I had a weird post office day - my dad helped me out by picking up a package for me, but as it turned out I needed to go there myself to mail off some Christmas card orders. Add to that our mail lady came with a package to the door - you'd think some of this could be coordinated, on both sides. Oh well. I will spare you my rant on Canada Customs, and move on to what I did today with a dozen or so paintbrushes!

This is a 5 x 7 oil on Raymar panel - the triple primed cotton canvas, once again, with the same limited palette I've been using. I figured with the lateness of my start on this one, I'd either mess it up royally, or maybe pull off something nice and loose. This horse is Gambler, a Thoroughbred gelding a friend of mine used to own. I have an oil pastel painting of this guy that has been in progress for a while, so this was kind of a way of breaking away from that and finishing something, if not the oil pastel piece! I've always loved the photos I took of this guy. This is one of my favourite portrait poses.

Now, I have 1500 words to write tonight, if I'm going to meet the suggested 30K target. Better get at it!

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