Friday, November 28, 2008


Okay, I feel a lot better about today's painting than I did yesterday's, though to be fair I put a lot more time into it, starting much earlier. I've been looking forward to working from this photo, so I went back to a 10 x 8 masonite panel. After working smaller, that made things easier as well. So this is Mike Fox in the post parade before winning the '07 Queen's Plate. It was nice to do him with the sun hitting him - in the previous painting I did of him, on his way to victory, he's more in shadow so I didn't get to play with colours quite the way I did here. I still used the limited palette, however.

I forgot to mention one very important thing about yesterday's painting - I didn't have a panel prepared that was the appropriate size, so despite my complete dislike for working on a white ground, that's what I did. Can you tell? I sure could, and that contributed to my struggle - as if I wasn't having enough trouble!

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