Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Tried...Honest!

Well, I did paint yesterday, though it was a bit of a quick one because of a bunch of other stuff I needed to do - but it seemed I had a bit of "what can do wrong will" going on. First, I discovered we had no internet connection! As an apparently dedicated NaBloPoMo'er, I decided I would have to drive to a wireless spot. I live out in the country, so that's no small decision at nine o'clock at night! As it turned out I didn't have to go that far to get a connection, but was stopped dead when Blogger wouldn't load. I tried for a couple of hours, but it wasn't meant to be - I couldn't make my post. I posted my sad story on the NaBloPoMo site here, though I don't know if that "counts" for their purposes, so I guess I may have to admit defeat. I'm still going to continue my painting a day and blog a day...even if technology's failings have left me out of the NaBlo running!

Today I did an 8 x 10 oil on Raphael linen panel of a friend's Warmblood filly. I was teaching a workshop for the Credit Valley Artisans in Georgetown and due to my internet troubles last night, I didn't get the drawing done as I'd hoped. That meant doing it on the spot - I was a little worrid that I might choke under the pressure of an audience! It didn't go too badly though. So this is Chrystelle, a daughter of Dutch Warmblood Pacific Star STV out of a Thoroughbred mare. She was a baby at her mother's side here, and as a yearling, she is still just as gorgeous. And available for sale, I believe. If you want more info, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction! If I didn't already have a horse of my own standing out there, I think I'd be finding a way to get this filly in my barn.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful than the last couple of days. I know one thing though - with painting number 15 today, I'm officially half way!


Kim Ratigan said...

Well, I have a new favourite; She's stunning Linda!


Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Kim. She's a gorgeous filly, I want her!!!