Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tick Tock!

I suppose that's my theme for the month. It was pouring rain first thing, so the horses stayed in - and I plunked myself in front of the laptop to whittle away at that target wordcount. In a couple of hours the rain stopped, so the horses went out. It took me a bit longer to do stalls because, of course, they'd been in longer! Lunch didn't happen today - I finished the barn around 2:30pm, came in, started my drawing on the canvas, then went back out to bed the stalls and get ready for feeding. Once the ponies were in again, it was back to the painting!

I indulged myself a little today and worked on Artfix portrait linen. Ever since I did my first two paintings on this surface, I've wanted to do something looser. It seems a bit contradictory to want to do something with less fine detail on a surface that lends itself to such fine detail, but that's just what it had "said" to me when I'd worked with it before! As I have a lot of it now - I took the plunge and bought a roll of it this summer - I figure I have no excuses! And going how things went today, I'm guessing I'll try it again.

This is 10 x 12 oil, and I used the limited palette again - burnt umber, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, cadmium red medium, titanium white - with a bit of cadmium lemon, unbleached titanium and terra verte. I worked from one of the photos I took this summer at Saratoga of a horse behind the starting gate.

Now, I've got another 1500 words to take care of if I'm going to make that 20,000 target before bed! Better go!


April Jarocka said...

Oh the joys of mucking out! Next time, hand the horses a shovel and tell them you're busy Linda lol. Seriously though, you're an inspiration, so much so it's motivated me to do an illustration a day! Only setting myself a goal of two weeks on this one though.
Take care

Kim Ratigan said...

Wonderful! These little dailies are really lovely--The attitude from Monster was great :-D
Keep up the good work Linda