Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Productive Avoidance

It seems one particular painting is the bane of my existence right now - it has been in progress over a year now! You've seen it, in various stages; under various names, even, if I remember correctly. "Backstretch" was it's original "pre-production" title, then when I decided to stick with the original direction and light source of my primary reference photo, the working title became "First Time Past." It will likely have a new title once it's done. I feel as if I've been languishing over this one for so long, and I've decided not to post it again until it's done. It is, however, the piece I've been determined to keep first in line this week...must...finish!!

Still...all work and no play, or so they say. I couldn't help myself yesterday; I started a new painting, inspired by the photos I took of the weanlings over the weekend. I had something in mind when I took the camera out that morning, and I may still pursue that idea, but for some reason something else took prececence. I've painted Gracie already, and now it's Billy's turn. I've decided to use the same palette as I did for the little Gracie painting (titled Gracie Knows) and I'm going to put him in the snow. You'd think I wouldn't want to be thinking about snow right now, especially after we came pretty close to seeing some yesterday! Nooo, not yet, please!

I started yesterday by quickly blocking in the tones, and today, I roughed in a background. I like the looseness of it right now, and hope to maintain that as I go. This is an 8 x 10 oil on Raphael linen panel, just like Gracie Knows. Today's work should dry quickly, and allow me to carry on with this quite soon.

Once I set Billy on the window ledge, I pulled out my little 6 x 8 on Raymar panel that I started last week. Yesterday I had put some more colour into the background, though you likely can't tell. Today, I blocked in the horse and rider. This little painting will take much longer to do than Billy, because of the layers that will be required for the landscape. Right now, it looks very unrefined! Once it's completed, I'll tell the story that goes along with this scene.

Okay....9pm...perhaps I need to put in some time on *that* painting! Grumble grumble....

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