Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Only a Month, Right?

Gracie at the November Muse Try-outs

Well...I guess I've made the decision. I've signed up for both the novel and blog projects, and I spent the morning pondering my gameplan for the paintings while I mucked stalls. I'm going to try and keep the painting a day project simple - this time around, anyway! I will focus on head studies only. The next couple of days will be spent preparing - gathering my references, preparing panels...stocking up on chocolate! Actually, the timing couldn't be better for that last one - Friday, being Halloween means that Saturday, all the candy goes on sale! I'll be making a trip to Shoppers' Drug Mart Saturday morning to take full advantage, you can be sure. They always seem to have the best deals. Trust me to know where the best deals on chocolate are!

This angle, perhaps?

I'll also be wrapping up a few things that will free up my time to pursue the November craziness - those things that are in my control, at least! I got my GST return done and filed tonight (one of those rare occassions where I'll be getting a refund...I put a lot of $$ into barn maintenance and repair this past quarter)...tomorrow we will pull the mats out of the one stall that is needing attention, repair the base with some screenings and fix it so that it is completely matted...and that painting I keep not-mentioning will get some time so that hopefully I can call it done.

I stayed up a bit later last night, and look to be on the same timeline tonight - working on cutting down on those pesky sleeping hours! I can get another hour to work that way! It will be nothing close to the sleep deprivation that happens during foaling season, so don't worry about that one. Am I missing anything? To think there are several painters who do a painting a day, all year 'round! I'm only trying it for a month!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Does this mean I get to see new work from you everyday for 30days? Xmas has come early...YEAH!

Linda Shantz said...

Yeah but it also means you have to listen to me ramble! Ah well, there's a trade-off for everything!

April Jarocka said...

Candy on sale eh? I'll be on the next plane over to check how many wrappers are lying on the floor of your closet!! hee hee...they say the mind needs glucose so enjoy!