Friday, October 31, 2008

Six and a Half Hours till Midnight

...and then the fun begins! It's gorgeous out, much warmer than it's been, and some of that mud is actually drying up. I've been taking some photos of the horses in preparation for my horse-a-day project, and prepping panels, and avoiding that painting-that-shall-remain-nameless.

I'm going to post a painting today that I finished a few weeks ago - this could well be the last finished-looking painting you see for about a month! I'm calling this "Just Peeking" and it was based on a photo by friend and Fine Art Photographer Juliet Harrison. Juliet has started to offer some of her photos as reference material to artists. I generally work from my own photos - I'm certain I have enough of those to last me a lifetime, and someone else's lifetime - but when I browsed the first photos Juliet posted, I was immediately taken with this image. It struck me as the perfect companion to my painting "Just A Look" (seen recently in my studio tour follow-up post) which features a little near-black Thoroughbred in a similar pose. Now Trixie has a friend! This painting is 16 x 28, oil on Artfix Impasto Linen. I ordered this piece of linen by mistake. My style isn't anything resembling impasto, but I enjoyed working on this surface nonetheless. Be it a coarse weave like this, or the ultra-fine of the Artfix portrait linen...fine linen is still fine linen!

I have no intention of trying to paint at midnight tonight, but I will be doing a bit of writing. I've been browsing some of the NaNoWriMo posts over on the Absolute Write forum, and it's a little bit intimidating to read about some of these folk who are WriMo veterans! I'm kind of like the one who just wants to run a marathon to be able to say I did, even if I'm staggering across the finish line at the end. And just to be clear, this is the 50,000 words I'm talking about, *not* a real live marathon! My ankle would have a thing or two to say about that!

Okay...if you're looking for me, I'll be in the closet!

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