Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fitting It All In

Days like this are rare - where I near the end and realized I managed to do all the important stuff. It started off a little slow - believe it or not, I have entered the ranks of those privileged folk with high speed internet access! Could the whining really be at its end? Of course, it's not performing as it's supposed to (big surprise) but the bottom line is, bad high speed is still faster than really bad dialup. So first thing, I did waste a bit of time online - the novelty of it, you know.

First order at the barn was walking Medz, before it got too warm and the flies came out to torment him. The weanlings still managed to do that - they seem to think it's fun to get Uncle Medz going. After I finished the stalls, I knew it would be criminal to let a gorgeous fall day like today pass without getting on the Monster. We're both admittedly out of shape, so we just went on a short hack, and then did a little bit of flat work. The trails are a bit overgrown, and I have a nice scratch on my arm to show for that, but I was otherwise unscathed, and Monster was pretty agreeable.

Miss Maria has come to the end of her "sentence" and to help in her re-entry I gave her a shot of Atravet (or "sensible" as I like to call it!). I turned her out in the small paddock, and she was very civilized - the weanlings once again helping out by grazing curiously on the other side of the fence. I bedded the stalls and soaked the feeds, and then everybody came in for dinner. Yesterday I bought a storage box for the tack room, and hauled that out of the truck and put it together before heading to the house.

I'd promised Swish I'd throw a ball for her, so before getting something to eat (somehow in the midst of my ambitious plans for the day, lunch was bypassed) I let the little Border Collie chase a couple of round orange objects - next to sheep, I'm sure there's nothing a black and white likes better! After my own dinner, I stalled a bit on the painting thing - wasted some more time online, while not really watching the first episode of the first season of Dexter until the hockey game came on.

Finally, the paints came out. I thought I'd work on one of the pieces in progress waiting for attention, but instead I started a new piece. This is just a small one, and all I did was start to block things in...just enough to say I did paint today! It doesn't look like much right now, but I'm going to let it dry before I do any more. This is 6 x 8, oil on Raymar canvas panel.

Now it's time to clean my brushes, let the dogs out one more time, then make my last trip to the barn. I guess you'd call this a full day! The right team even won the hockey game. Just don't expect me to duplicate it tomorrow!

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