Monday, October 13, 2008

A Whole New World!

Okay, so forgive me if a sappy song from some Walt Disney animated film is running through my head right now (where is that new Ben Folds CD, anyway??). I admit, I’ve been spending much too much time online lately – the heel of my right hand is hurting – but previously, on dialup, there was a lot of stuff I either couldn’t be bothered waiting for (ie. sites with photos that took eons to load) or couldn’t even access (one word: VIDEO!) so much of what was out there just wasn’t in the cards. Now, however…ha! So I have been spending some time checking out some of the resources (yeah, resources, that's it!).

Today, however, I did get some painting done. I set to work hoping to complete the underpainting of one of those works in progress I have in the studio. I posted an early image of this several months ago, when I started it. I actually showed it at the studio tour, just so I could explain the usual painting process. The underpainting at that point wasn’t complete – the burnt sienna with which I’d tinted the canvas was still showing through in the halters and some parts of the horses, but I had also slapped some greens into the background one day when I had some green left on my palette that was perfect for this piece. As it stands, I’ve still left some of the burnt sienna showing through – I kind of like it, so for now, it stays!

It’s possible I may work a little more on this underpainting, but most likely I’ll start into the colour once it’s dry. For the record, my working title (and one that will likely fit as it struck me as soon as I earmarked the photo ) is “Promises, Promises” and it is 18 x 24 oil on gallery wrap canvas. This is from some photos I took of Gladys and Jay last winter. While Jay recovered completely from his colic surgery and returned to training this summer, he aggravated an old leg injury and the decision was made to retire him. Jay is currently in the Long Run program looking for a new home, so if you're looking for a sweet, sensible forever horse, he's your man! You can see his page on the Long Run site under his real name, Just Always.


Liz said...

Beautiful! What a talent you have!!


Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Liz! Looks like you keep quite busy yourself!

Kpeters said...

I love this piece!!! great work!!


Linda Shantz said...

Thanks, Kathi!