Friday, August 22, 2008

Death of a Scanner

Um...yeah...that doesn't sound good!

I was going to scan one of my smaller, recently completed paintings to show you, but I think my scanner is giving it up. Never fear, I will take a photo of it, but for smaller works I usually scan them for the best print results. Guess I've got some shopping to do...

So now what? My landscape entry for last week is from a photo of a cottage sunset - something it looks like I won't get to see first-hand this summer. This is 8 x 10 oil on Fredrix linen panel. There are still some touches to be done, but as part of my goal with this project is to see how close I can get to a completed painting in a single session, I will dare to post it even though I'm not completely happy with it yet. I guess technically I'm not behind again yet - I do need to get on this week's entry!

I have to admit I've slacked off in the painting department the last couple of nights. Okay, so I bought the second season of Dexter and have been watching that. At least I've only been watching a couple of episodes a day - though to be honest it was probably the broadcast of the Olympic Individual Show Jumping final that kept it to that! If I had any photos of Hickstead you can be sure I'd be posting about that tremendous GOLD he and rider Eric Lamaze captured yesterday.

All right...this could possibly rate as my most boring post ever! Rather than babble on, I'll leave it at this, and catch up with you all when I have a photo of the painting I intended to show you!

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