Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tomatoes, Still

Wait - those aren't horses! And you know what else? That's not oil! Yes folks, you'd better sit down, but this is acrylic on panel. With my repeated confession that acrylics and I just don't get along, I'm somewhat amazed by this. I'm not trying to say I think it's brilliant or anything, but it's a small miracle to me that I produced anything I would consider showing here at all! The size is 7 x 11.

So why, you ask? Well, it was somewhat last minute, but I decided to do a FASM workshop today, presented by our esteemed past president, Leigh Cockburn in his studio at Just a Wee Gallery. The workshop covered Composition and Design in the morning, and painting with acrylics in the afternoon. As a self-taught artist, it never hurts to have a refresher on the principles I've had to work out on my own, and I figured I could fight with acrylics for an afternoon for a change of pace. The only time I'd ever tried acrylics was in the one and only university art class I took, and it was a disaster. As it turns out, the way Leigh works in acrylics is very similar to how I work in oils, so things didn't go too badly.

My title is a little bit of a play on words that only I will probably get, as usual. The still life part is easy enough, but there is a song by Ben Folds called Still which is one of my favourites.

"Even the things that seem still are still changing..."

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