Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Billy and Gracie Show

Well, the babies are now eight weeks old. Time flies! As does the mud here at the moment! Thankfully it's supposed to be fairly warm and sunny all week so things are drying up. And if there's one thing straw is great for, it's knocking mud off of horses' legs. I can hose off the legs of the older horses, but that's not going to happen with foals!

I think I could take photos of babies full-time. Of course the problem with taking so many photos is making the decision on what to paint! Doing some paintings is enticing, though, because it means I can get rid of that mud!!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Great shots Linda. These early stages are priceless.

Jennifer said...

Wonderful equine art! Love the photos too.

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Sheona and Jennifer! The babies are way too much fun.