Saturday, March 29, 2008

Big Red Machine?

I know that's what they used to call Secretariat, and I'm not trying to make a comparison, but those are the words that came to mind today as I watched Curlin toy with his rivals to win the Dubai World Cup. I don't usually paint the "horse of the hour" so to speak - if I'm going to paint a "name" horse it will typically be a Canadian-bred, Woodbine-based runner. Watching Curlin's performance today, however, I gave in. I had photos of him winning the Breeders' Cup Classic, so with a few adaptations I will be taking him to Dubai! Well...taking my photos of him to Dubai...okay, I wish. I was there this time last year!

Just a note - this horse does have a Canadian tie-in. He's by Canadian-bred Smart Strike, and out of a Deputy Minister mare - Deputy Minister was also Canadian-bred!

This is just a small painting, 5 x 7 oil on oil-primed Raymar panel, and the work so far has taken about an hour. So yes, another work in progress. About time I started wrapping some of these up, don't you think?

Working small like this can be fun. I find it useful for staying motivated, because in most cases these pieces are completed faster than a larger one, for obvious reasons - it doesn't take as long to cover the support! They give a sense of accomplishment that helps carry me through the larger work.

I have completed one of the recent postings in the last week. All I need to do is sign it, so you will see it sometime soon!

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