Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Curragh Beats Out Mini Eggs

I got the barn done quite quickly today, which left me with some extra time – well, when I decided I did not need to go out to the grocery store in hopes of finding a 1 kilo bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, half-price after Easter. Painting would be much more productive…and probably healthier, at least in the short term!

My painting of the fillies in the snow is currently wet after the work I did on it yesterday. Ghost Groom needs a couple of little touch-ups before I call it done. Monster needs some methodical work, and the underpainting of the racehorses is ready for colour. I decided I wanted to start something new this afternoon, though; something to make use of one of the sample package of Raymar panels that arrived last week. I flipped through a pile of photographs and pulled out one I’ve had set aside for ages (yes, there are lots of those). It depicts a dark bay racehorse circling at the start of one of the gallops on the Curragh in Ireland, and fit the bill for what I was looking for.

Outside, despite the supposed arrival of Spring last Thursday, Winter has returned like Ben Folds Five’s Steven:

“We thought he was gone, but he’s come back again.
Last week it was funny, now the joke’s wearing thin….”

The horses came in early as a result, which worked out well. I just started with a brush, sketching out the drawing on the panel I’d toned this morning and the resulting progress was wet. Now that the horses are taken care of, it’s dry and ready for some more work. We’ll see how far I get tonight!

The forecast predicted a combination of rain and snow, but what’s going on out there is big, fluffy flakes. I’m sure the roads are slippery, and I’m glad I don’t have to drive anywhere tonight. A good reason to stay in front of the easel! Maybe I’ll have an update at the end of the evening.

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