Friday, February 01, 2008

And So It Snows...

I was beginning to think they were going to be wrong about the intensity of this winter storm that was forecast for Southern Ontario. I decided to leave the horses in - not sure about my logic there, when I actually turned them out Wednesday when it was colder and windier! When I was about to give them their noon hay, I actually considered throwing them out, because it wasn't really that bad. I decided to stick with the plan - it was supposed to get worse in the afternoon, after all.

And so it has! Monster is doing her best to look pathetic, standing by the gate letting the white stuff accumulate on her back. Before you start feeling sorry for her, she does have a run-in shelter she chooses not to use most of the time; she's double-blanketed with a nice high-neck waterproof Wethabeeta as the outer layer, and the temp is actually pretty close to the freezing mark!

Yesterday was beautiful - crisp, for sure, but the sun was shining, the sky was clear. I took a few photos, and it seems little Miss Peaker has an interest in photography. Here's a photo she helped me take. Focus is so over-rated! Well, they have horses that paint; why not?

The ghost groom is still a ghost groom (and late last night had me contemplating the potential significance of that! Another time, perhaps?) but I worked on the horse last night, establishing more of that all-important anatomy! I find a horse's legs fascinating.

And now, a note from our sponsor! I bought a small Cocoa Camino Chili and Spice chocolate bar at the grocery store yesterday. I know the thought of that combination puts a lot of people off, but they're done a good job with this. So to the benefits already provided by that 71% cocoa content, add those of ginger, cinnamon and chili! The added advantage is that you don't tend to want a big piece, so it keeps the caloric density down!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Linda!
I am enjoying your Blog and just had to comment that I have always put cocoa into chili when I make it!
I also really like how Taking a Break at Woodbine turned out!