Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ghost Groom and the Bucket of Avoidance

Okay, so maybe I'm getting a little silly with a title like that. Sounds like a Harry Potter novel, don't you think? :) Can you see where I'm coming from with this first pic, though?

I began to behave myself and keep to a more typical underpainting with my grey tones, which has left me with a very interesting-looking piece at this stage. As you may notice, I left the bucket and sponge till last...hence the avoidance! I like minimalistic backgrounds, but I think here the bucket and hose serve to create some depth, so I think they'll be staying.

I pushed past the bucket avoidance to cover the whole support tonight before going out to the barn for night check. The underpainting will undergo more refining before I move on to colour -- I need the shapes and tone to be better established. Taking photos and looking at them on the computer not only gives me a good reason to update this blog, it lets me see things I might not notice when I'm at the easel. The only trouble with that is I have to live with the lack of perfection until the next painting session!

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