Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Virtual Trip West

Can it really be called painting avoidance when one is still painting?

Most of this week I've spent working on a couple of those Equine Art Guild pARTy paintings, to flesh them out a bit and make them more finished. They're still studies, not to the level of detail of my more "serious" work, but I think they still have a certain appeal! I've put some good work into my Thoroughbred racehorse "Pause" painting this week as well, and could very well finish it this weekend. Yeah!!!

This one still needs a title - any ideas? It's a 10 x 12 oil painting on canvas. And thanks again to Donna Ridgeway for her great photos. I've only seen Montana through Donna's photos, but I sure love the colours and landscape. She's hosted another of these events and I've got my pic chosen for that one. I am, however, very behind in the game!

We lost all our snow this week, sadly! Only good thing about it, is it took the ice on the driveway with it too. This time when I go to the chiropractor for my monthly sorting out, I won't have any major issues to complain about after slipping on the ice!

Well, back out to the barn to walk my post-op and get those stalls done. Then back to the easel this afternoon! More later!


Judith A. Johnson said...

Nice work, you should have posted this on EAG! It popped up as I scrolled down- "Hey, this looks familiar!" Yours does not have the anatomy issues that mine does, I really like it.

Linda Shantz said...

Hi Judy! I keep meaning to do just that -- the first stage is there, just not the "final"product!