Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

I know, I neglect! Those kids out in the barn have been keeping me on my toes this last month. We all send belated holiday greetings!

I have managed to get back in the studio to do more than check email this past week. It's coming up to Art Show at the Dog Show time again, and I have two candidates on the easel. Once again, I don't know if it will all come together in time to make the entry deadline. The best laid plans and all that...sometimes circumstances beyond my control get in the way!

Nearing completion is my newest Brittany painting. This is Lara again, who was featured in my two previous Britt paintings. Here she's all grown up, a puppy no more! I'm just working out a few final issues with this one. This is 8 x 10 oil on Fredrix linen panel.

Ambitious though it might be, I started another potential entry this week. This is also 8 x 10, oil on Raphael linen panel, and the subject is Pinkston, a Yellow Lab pup, from a photo taken by his owner, Yvonne. So far all I have is a rough underpainting. White takes notoriously long to dry, and I've had to use a lot of it, so I'm waiting to get back to this.. The clock is ticking!

On that note, back to work! There should be enough chocolate around her to keep me going for hours!


STEVE BREM said...

Hi Linda - found your blog when I hit 'thoroughbred racing' - there aren't many of us! Thought you'd be interested in my blog - though the subject matter is pretty specific to Australia - - I have visited Toronto the last 3 years (have family there) as well as Montreal and Ottawa, as recently as November. Never seems to snow when I'm there. Also bought a Canadian-performed stakeswinning filly at Keeneland in November. And, hate to admit it, Anne Murray is my favourite singer!

Linda Shantz said...

Hi Steve! Glad you found my blog, and thanks for the link to yours. I'll look forward to reading it. I haven't made it to Aus yet unfortunately! Who was the filly you bought? And that's too bad about Anne Murray! :-D