Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Muse

Well, it seems my dear horse, fondly known as "Monster," has officially earned the title of muse. I never thought of her that way before, but seeing as I've painted her some eight or nine times to date, it might be fitting. I've got other artists working on pieces inspired by her, from photos that I've shared with the Equine Art Guild, a group of artists devoted to, well, you can probably guess!

Monster's real name is Entertainingangels, and she's a five year old mare I bred myself, by Tejabo (a son of Deputy Minister) out of my own mare, Hallowed Be (better known at the barn as Sass). Monster's barn name is really Java (short for Javelin...there's a story there), but some how it went from Java to Javamonster and then just Monster. I still call her Java in certain company, but to me, she'll always be Monster!

Monster is a model through and through. I have enough pictures of her, starting from the day she was born, that I could happily paint for the rest of my life without taking another photo. She's just a plain bay, with only a speck of white on her double-whorled forehead, but put her in front of a camera and she's a model on location!

So...Monster is sure to turn up here, from time to time. We're going to put together a little show of the EAG work featuring my girl, just for fun, and get people to vote for their favourite for a people's choice award. Look for more info to come!

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