Saturday, November 19, 2005

Working to a deadline!

Well, there's nothing quite like a deadline to get one working. I recently got word that myself and a few other artists will be able to exhibit some of our work during a members' reception at the Woodbine Club (formerly known as the Turf Club), Dec. 4 at Woodbine Racetrack, as thanks for helping out LongRun, the TB retirement organization in the area.

I've had this painting sitting on my easel for months. Took the photos on opening day at Woodbine in April, and got it to the underpainting stage in May...then stalled, big-time. This painting really should be going to Woodbine with me...after all, it's two of the better horses that raced there this year, Minister's Wildcat (inside) and Judith's Wild Rush (outside). The two battled it out in the opening day stake, the Jacques Cartier, with Minister's Wildcat prevailing. What a great race to start off the season!

So...I'll post the painting in the underpainting stage, and then the beginings of colour from last Saturday. This is an oil on canvas, and I just need to check the dimensions! It is in the 20 x 30 range, though.

So today, in between getting and unloading hay, mucking stalls, refereeing new groupings of horses, visiting the framer, dropping off blankets to be repaired...and so on...I must paint!

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