Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Two Days In A Row!

Are you impressed? Are you even out there? Haha.

There's a crazy wind out there today. I got stalls done first thing for a few reasons — because unsettled weather like this can mean rain and thunderstorms, so I wanted to be able to bring ponies in a drop of a hat; because I had someone coming out on a work order for Xplornet; and because…I forgot the other reason all of a sudden. Such is my brain these days!

So, stalls done, I let myself read a bit more of Tudor's new book, then did a little stuff on the computer. Then the person from Xplornet called and got me riled up by suggesting I had unreasonable expectations of my service (like I expect it to work? That kind of unreasonable?). That was 10am. To talk myself down after that call, I put on some Bon Iver, swept up dog hair (which I could do every five minutes), then settled down to paint. I made an adjustment as per a client's observation on one commission, then signed both of their paintings; then worked on, and I hope finished, another one and sent it for comment. Two-plus hours later, the Xplornet person arrived. Guess what? He says the installation was done completely wrong and is confident he can fix it. I do hope he's right!

Once he left, I took my silly Border for her run (she runs, I walk!). I also played with a cover idea for the next book in the Good Things Come series, which I haven't fully committed yet to writing! So now I have a prospective title and cover idea…and a vague story outline! I'm not sure if I'm excited or terrified! I think I kind of love the cover image…and while I love the title idea, I'm not 100% sold on it. We shall see. I'm going to need some feedback from others on it. Sometimes my title ideas are a little bit obscure!

I did up the little graphic above last night after getting a new review on All The Little Things. It was a lovely review, though I had to laugh to think of what Faye's response would be! She'd be good with the classy, but I think she would have preferred to star in a steamy romance! 

Okay! Time to bed the stalls and bring the kids in. They're been remarkably chill today with that wind! At one point, both boys were napping!

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