Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Hello June!

No threat of snow in the forecast right now — we're in the midst of another heatwave. Where I used to live, I was in a little knoll, very sheltered from the wind, so during a heatwave like this, it was *very* hot. Add to that I had a steel barn, so while I'd still bring the horses in to get them out of the sun, I'd have to hose them before putting them in their stalls, or they would just sweat in their stalls, even with fans on them. My lovely new barn is much cooler, and as I may have mentioned, the wind here is crazy — which is a nice thing on a hot day. I still bring them in if the sun is beating down, thanks to Gracie's predisposition to heatstroke, but overall it is much more pleasant for them.

I recently saw a post in a FB group asking if anyone knew of any books on a woman starting up her own farm — alone — and building it from scratch.  Funny, that. Last fall, one of my friends suggested I should write such a book, about this crazy journey I'm on. I admit I've kind of been keeping my head in the sand when it comes to recording the reality of what's happened in the past year because it was not easy. And things still aren't roses. In fact, other than some wild daisies and plenty of dandelions, there are no flowers here yet, haha!!  But I thought I should start recording stuff here. No one reads this blog anymore anyway, so I'm not going to worry about it being "perfect." It will just be a place to record the goings-on and development, and if there's a cohesive story to be extracted from the entries, so be it. 

In the meantime, on the writing front, I'm finally starting to pull together things for the *next* book in the Good Things Come series. I'd still like to see more reviews and ratings for All Good Things and All The Little Things…the reviews are good, and maybe it's not fair to compare them to Good Things Come, but it still lets the doubt fester! Ah well. An odd thing — ATLT has 20+ ratings on Goodreads, but only 14 on Amazon. All Good Things has 26  on Amazon, but only 13 on Goodreads! GTC is pretty close — 93 on Amazon, 95 on Goodreads. Oh, how I'd love to see it reach 100!

Okay, enough babbling about the novels. Must work. Bills, many many bills, to pay…

Sidenote, now that I've included the photo above — I found some amazing butter tarts, at the grocery store, no less! They're just the way I like them, buttery and crunchy and plain. So good. They are exactly like Faye's butter tarts (well...Lucy's…) would be like…mmmmmm

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